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Planning Maps

Please find below useful information regarding purchasing a Local Authority approved Planning Map online from Getmapping - these FAQs provide answers to questions relating to the purchase of both simple maps and editable maps (where you will need to create an online account).

If you require guidance regarding Local Authority requirements for maps and plans to support a planning application please read the government guidance.

Should you require support from Getmapping regarding your Planning Map purchase please note that support is only available from our Customer Services staff via email on

How do I order a Planning Map online?

To order an online  Planning Map follow these simple steps

Do I need to create an account to buy a Planning Map?

Getmapping offer 2 quick and easy routes to purchasing a Local Authority approved planning map.

What is the difference between a Site Plan and a Location Plan?

Most planning applications require both a site plan (also known as a block plan)  and location plan and our service has the ability to provide a map bundle containing both.

How long does it take for my Planning Map to be delivered to me?

Getmapping offer a planning map service that can quickly provide you with the site plan and location plan that you need for your planning application. 

Simple Planning Maps


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