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Planning Maps

Please find below useful information regarding purchasing a Local Authority approved Planning Map online from Getmapping - these FAQs provide answers to questions relating to the purchase of both simple maps and editable maps (where you will need to create an online account).

If you require guidance regarding Local Authority requirements for maps and plans to support a planning application please read the government guidance.

Should you require support from Getmapping regarding your Planning Map purchase please note that support is only available from our Customer Services staff via email on

How do I remove the edits on my editable Planning Map?

To delete what you have drawn on your editable Planning Map:

When using a PC

  1. Simply select the mouse cursor icon from the tool selection
  2. The tools are location under the wording “Work on things you've drawn”
  3. With the tool enabled, select the line or polygon that you wish to edit (several orange circles will appear around the area to show that it is highlighted). Hit the delete key on your keyboard

To delete what you have drawn when using a Mac

When will I receive my Planning Map?

You will typically receive your map via email within 30 minutes of completing your purchase online.

The mapping shown in my Planning Map is out of date and does not show recent developments to the site and surrounding area

Getmapping updates all underlying mapping used in Planning Application Maps regularly, and in line with updates provided by the Ordnance Survey.

In some instances, the Ordnance Survey may not have been updated their mapping and Getmapping is unable to change this. You should make your Planning Authority aware of this and they will advise on the best course of action.  

How do I retrieve my Planning Map from the Getmapping website?

You can download your Planning Map from your account.

Simply login to your online account with your username and password.

When I login to my account I am unable to see my Planning Map

All Ordnance Survey mapping products, including Planning Application Maps, are only licensed for a period of 12 months.

If you are trying to view/edit maps older than this you will need to re-purchase the product. 

I require an OS MasterMap licence number for a planning application

Our OS licence number is – 100030848. Please quote this when submitting a planning application.

I would like to view the Planning Map before I buy to ensure that I am getting the correct area

If you wish to view the extent covered by the Planning Map before you buy then we recommend that you purchase an editable Planning Map.

The council have rejected my Planning Map and have requested a clearer copy

If you have purchased a Planning Map online, in some instances when you scan it the map becomes distorted and there is the risk that your Local Authority will reject it because they want a clearer copy.

If you are submitting your Planning Map digitally then we recommend using our editable Planning Map service. This will allow you to add annotations on to the map, after which you can then submit it electronically. 

If required, how can I request a refund for an online purchase?

Getmapping is happy to provide a refund on any product within 7 days of purchase. In order to obtain a refund please complete the process in our refund instructions.

Can I pay for my Planning Map or digital /aerial image over the phone?

Getmapping offers the sales of planning maps and digital aerial photographs via its webshop and payment via debit/credit card is taken online.

For orders over £150 we can take payment over the telephone.


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