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Do I need to create an account to buy a Planning Map?

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Getmapping offer 2 quick and easy routes to purchasing a Local Authority approved planning map.

Simple Planning Map

  • This is a 3 step process, providing a very simple way to purchase a planning map. You do not need to create an online account.
  • You simply visit our product page and complete the following steps:
  1. Select your location by entering your street name, village, town or postcode
  2. Select the plans that you need and place in your basket
  3. Complete checkout by providing personal information and payment details

Editable Planning Map

  • Allows you to annotate the planning map using quick and 'easy to use' online tools
  • As you can edit, save and amend your map you will need to register and create an account with our website
  • We have a help guide that takes you through each step of buying an editable planning map
  • Visit the product page to buy an editable planning map to start the process

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