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Planning Maps

Please find below useful information regarding purchasing a Local Authority approved Planning Map online from Getmapping - these FAQs provide answers to questions relating to the purchase of both simple maps and editable maps (where you will need to create an online account).

If you require guidance regarding Local Authority requirements for maps and plans to support a planning application please read the government guidance.

Should you require support from Getmapping regarding your Planning Map purchase please note that support is only available from our Customer Services staff via email on

How can I order Planning Maps in a CAD or vector format?

It is possible to order online the Ordnance Survey MasterMap, that is used to underpin all the Planning Application Maps, in a range of vector formats which are usable to CAD/GIS packages.

To do this visit our website home page, enter your location details and select “Digital Mapping” from the drop down list in “Buy Data Online” banner.

I require a map in a scale/size that is not available online, how can I order this?

Getmapping does not offer bespoke scales of mapping, or areas larger than 400m x 400m.

It is possible however to purchase the vector data behind the mapping used in the plans from our website.

For further information please contact our sales team by emailing Please note that you will need to have experience in CAD or GIS applications to work with this data.

How can I obtain a VAT receipt?

Your order confirmation will be sent to you via email and will contain a valid VAT receipt.

I have tried to make a credit card payment for my Planning Map however I am not sure payment has gone through?

If your card payment is not going through it may be due to the purchase process timing out, in which case it may be necessary for you to restart the purchase process.

If you have placed an order but are unable to login to your account, or have not received a confirmation email it may be the case that the email address has been entered incorrectly,  in this instance please email

I have recently submitted my plans to my Local Authority and the location/scale is wrong. Can I alter the plan I purchased?

Unfortunately it is not possible to alter a Planning Map that has already been ordered, however it is possible to request a full refund within 7 days of your Planning Map purchase.

Please visit our returns page and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can then re-order a Planning Map with the correct location/scale.

I need four copies of my Planning Map, will I receive four copies or do I have to request four copies?

You only need to order one copy. You will be sent, via email, a link to download your Planning Map. Our licence allows you to print up to six copies for each map ordered.

Why is my house number not appearing on my Planning Map and why are some road names not appearing?

The digital mapping that sits behind the Planning Application Maps does not typically display every house number, but it will be possible to ascertain which house is correct from the numbers that are visible. The editing tools also allow you to highlight the correct property.   

Due to the way the roads are labelled at specific intervals in the underlying mapping, it may be the case that for maps covering smaller areas the road names are not displayed. This should not be a reason for the map being rejected by Local Planning Authorities.

Can download my Planning Map in colour as it appears in the edit screen?

The annotated map that you see on your screen is purely for visual purposes only.

When the Planning Map is printed it will be black and white with a north arrow at the top and a scale bar at the bottom, it will also display our Ordnance Survey licence number and the centre coordinates

Anything you have added as an annotation will appear in colour.

Could you send me a paper copy of my Planning Map because I am unable to print?

The service provided by Getmapping is online only and the maps supplied are in digital format. It is not possible for us to send you a hard copy. 

I am looking to buy a Planning Map from you, however my Local Authority requires that it must have a red line around the boundary of my property

Our editable Planning Map service enables you to make online annotations on your Planning Mapp before you complete your purchase  -  including shading areas in red/blue and adding boundary lines. 

You will need to create an online account to be able to purchase an annotated Planning Map. Our help article will talk you through how to buy an editable Planning Map.


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