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What is the difference between the Scratchpad and the Editor?

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The Scratchpad should be used when you want to add termporary annotation to the map. Objects drawn using the Scratchpad contain only simple information such as a title or label so should not be used to add important information. The Editor tool should be used to add structured content such as locations of assets or areas demarking a development zone. Information added using the Editor is stored in seperate Map Layers that can be easily edited and styled.

Here's an example of when to use the Scratchpad;

I want to print a map showing a 100m radius around a road junction to share with local residents. This is not something I'll want to keep in my Parish Online account long term, so i'll use the Scratchpad. Once I've used the Print tool to create the PDF I go back to the Scratchpad tool and delete the radius object.

Here's an example of when to use the Editor tool;

I've created a new Map Layer called Strategic Development Zones using the Control Panel. I want to add the boundary of a newly assigned residential zone along with some additional information on its status and size. As I want to keep this information stored in Parish Online for a while then i'll use the Editor tool to edit the Map Layer. I open up the Editor, select ADD, choose the layer I want to add to, draw out the area, add the relevent information and click SAVE. This is now saved in a structured layer that I can switch on and off at any time.

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