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How can I extract address information from Parish Online to create a mailing list?

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There are 4 simple steps to creating a mailing list of addresses in Parish Online:

  1. Ensure the Addresses layer is turned on from the Map Layers section (left of map)
  2. Define the area you want the addresses for by creating a polygon (area) object using the scratchpad (Tools > Create or Edit Item)
  3. Use the data extract tool to find the addresses within the area drawn in step 2 (Tools > Data Extraction Tool)
  4. Open the results table and select the download to CSV. This will create your mailing list file which you can save to your computer.

Watch this video to see how you can create a mailing list in Parish Online

Top Tips

  • You can also use this method to download a list of any objects features contained in a map layer, e.g. Listed Buildings, Accidents and Bins.
  • Turn off any layers that you do not want to query (extract information from) this will speed the process up and makes it easier to sort through the results.

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