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Is the data I add to my Parish Online account stored securely?

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Data security is our highest priority. There are multiple layers of security embedded into Parish Online that ensure every piece of data is only available to those who have the right permissions to access it.

All Parish Online accounts are password protected, and the user manager module enables you to control who can access and edit the information you have stored.

Getmapping hold the ISO27001:2013 certification, When you create a piece of information in Parish Online, it is transferred and stored on our UK Data Centre. Only authorised system administrators are given access to your data; they do not read or use any customer information unless given consent to do so. 

Our UK Data Centre is highly secure and is an approved storage facility for organisations like the NHS. The site has SIA qualified security staff on site 24/7 and also holds the ISO27001:2013 certification.

All customer data is backed up to 2 separate physical locations every night.

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