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Can I add more users to my account and limit their editing capabilities?

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Yes – Your standard account comes with a single set of login details that you can share among council members but with the User Manager Module you can create and manage up to 10 individual user accounts and control what they can access.

The User Manager Module costs just £25/yr and is available by contacting our support team. When it is added to your account it will appear in the control and will automatically create 4 new user accounts, one for each access level available. These are:

  • Administrator (e.g. admin@00ab123) – This user has full access to the Parish Online account and has the ability to add new users, change passwords and remove users from the account.
  • Data Manager (e.g. datamgr@(00ab123) – This user has full access to the software, including creating, modifying and deleting layers but cannot control user accounts.
  • Editor (e.g. edit@00ab123) – This user can edit information on layers that are in the system which are set up and managed by the Administrator or Data Manager. They cannot create new layers or modify/delete existing layers.
  • Reader (e.g. read@00ab123) – The reader account is set up so that all the data in your Parish Online account can be viewed and printed, but not edited. This user has no editing capabilities but it able to search, print, measure and also add temporary annotations using the personal scratchpad which is unique to each user.

Your existing login is set by default to Administrator and remains active until you change the password.

You can choose to either use these default accounts or create specific accounts for individuals (e.g. jsmith@00ab123) and set their editing capabilities by choosing one of the available options.

The module gives you full control of users on your account without needing to contact our team, meaning you can remove existing users or change passwords as personnel change. This is also a great way of giving external contractors access to your account for a short period of time.

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