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What is the One Scotland Mapping Agreement?

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The One Scotland Mapping Agreement (or OSMA) gives public sector bodies in Scotland access to high quality Ordnance Survey mapping in a digital format.

Who can join the agreement?

A wide range of Scottish public sector organisations can join the agreement including:

  • Central Government departments
  • Local Government authorities and community councils
  • Health organisations (NHS Trusts, Health authorities, Public Health Authorities)
  • Search and rescue contributor organisations and emergency responders
  • Passenger transport executives

Which OS products are included in the agreement?

Getmapping can provide access to the following OS data sets under the OSMA agreement:

As an OSMA member how can Getmapping help me access the data?

Getmapping serves OS data to OSMA members. Our OGC compliant web data feeds are very well established and operate from protected datacenters with 99.99% uptime, providing a robust and proven service, and are and fully maintained on the Ordnance Survey update cycles.

The Getmapping Web Map Service (WMS) can serve all your OSMA data and our Web Feature Service (WFS) can feed OS MasterMap Topography Layer, VectorMap district and OS VectorMap Local, along with OS Opendata. 

How can I sign up to OSMA?

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