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Are Ordnance Survey data products available as Managed Data Feeds?

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We are specialists in supplying Ordnance Survey (OS) data via managed data feeds. Getmapping pioneered serving map data over the web in 1999 and since then have maintained our market lead in terms of reliability and high speed system performance. 

We are currently streaming more than 800 managed data feeds to the PSMA user community. We offer a range of data feed solutions such as Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Feature Services (WFS).

  • Fully OGC compliant
  • Easy to implement, compatible with the majority of GIS desktop software and web interfaces plus design packages
  • Fast map refresh times, recognised as one of the fastest data feed services available 
  • Used extensively by commercial businesses plus public sector organisations including central government, local authoirities and national parks
  • WMS -  range of base datasets available including all scales of Ordnance Survey mapping plus aerial photography and rastorised height data
  • WFS - All Ordnance Survey vector data sets available including MasterMap, AddressBase and all open data vector products
  • Competitive annual subscription based pricing

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