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Who uses Getmapping's managed data services?

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Getmapping has been providing WMS services for our clients for over 10 years and is known in the industry as having a reputation for delivering a fast and reliable service. 

As a result, the managed data services underpinned by Getmapping’s technology support large parts of the geo-spatial data industry across a wide range of sectors. These include over 800 public sector organisations including many Local Authorities such as the City and County of Swansea, Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Carmarthenshire County Council in Wales. We also provide services to Central Government organisations including The Scottish Government, Rural Payments Scotland and The Forestry Commission.

We also provide managed data services to a large number of commercial organisations including those involved in Land and property for use within their web-portals and for mapping API’s on websites. Lastly our service is used to provide the data feeds which run within our own web-based GIS software. 

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