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Where is Getmapping's data stored and hosted?

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Getmapping’s data storage and hosting facility is operated on servers wholly owned by Getmapping which are located in dedicated racks at the 4D Data Centre located in Byfleet, just outside London.

The Co-Located Data Centre was awarded ‘Green Datacentre Project of the Year’ in 2012 at the Data Centre Solutions Awards for its deployment of new EcoCooling units in its Surrey data centre. The Surrey data centre has a PUE ratio (power usage effectiveness) of 1.146, making it one of the greenest not only in the UK, but in the world. 

Getmapping imagery, OS mapping data and other third party datasets are hosted within a Storage Area Network which has no single point of failure. The network is designed to be highly available with no single point of failure from the Internet connection through the High Available firewalls to the Servers and infrastructure supporting our systems. All critical infrastructure services are covered by active support and maintenance contracts with 4 hour response times. This allows Getmapping to provide a market leading solution for the provision of data feeds with the assurance of being able to far exceed a 99.9% uptime on a continuous basis.

All servers and data storage units employ RAID technology to ensure that no data is ever lost due to hard drive failure. We have RAID 5 configured for servers which allows for a single parity bit hard drive to be created as part of the RAID set and this means that should a single hard drive fail, the RAID set and volume will remain intact.

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