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What is the speed of Getmapping's managed data services?

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The data services provided by Getmapping, including WMS, WMTS, TMS and WFS, are recognised across the industry as the fastest and most robust available.

In tests, our map refresh rate has been found to be 5 times faster than the “OGC Quality of Service” benchmark which is published in the Quality of Services section (Annex G) of the Inspire Technical Guidance to Implement View. This states that for a 470 Kilobyte image (e.g. 800x600 pixels with a colour depth of 8 bits), the response time for sending the initial response to a Get Map Request to a view service shall be a maximum 5 seconds in a normal situation. A normal situation is when the services are not running at peak load, which is assumed to be 90% of the time.

Getmapping regularly undertakes testing on our services to ensure we not only meet but exceed performance indicators contained in the aforementioned “Inspire Technical Guidance to Implement View Services” document.

  • For a tested 481 Kilobyte image, the response time of the Getmapping Web Service for sending the initial response time to a Get Map Request to the view service was an average of 0.961 seconds. This was tested using 20 simultaneous instances from a hosting provider outside of Getmapping’s Co-Located Data Centre and the corporate infrastructure
  • Getmapping’s WFS service can support up to 10,000 features per call. However, it is our understanding that the Clients may prefer to limit this to 1000 features per call which is a simple adjustment to make

In addition, the speed and reliability of our services has been proven by our customer base of over 800 Public and business users who rely on our feeds to underpin their key business activities. Major customers include the Rural Payments Agency in Scotland, The Forestry Commission and commercial service suppliers such as Landmark and Groundsure.

Getmapping achieves such high performance speeds through a combination of unique data storage algorithms developed over the last ten years and significant investment in high speed, high redundancy technology to deliver the services to our large customer base.

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