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Are Getmapping's Data Feeds OGC Compliant?

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The data services provided by Getmapping have been developed in line with OGC standards.

Our services are fully compatible with a large range of existing software clients, both GIS and CAD based, including Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional, ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, CadCorp SIS, Autodesk, geoserver, mapserver, mapproxy, Openlayers, leaflet. 

Our services also work with Global Mapper, GAIA, GGP, uDIG, GRASS and we are  also currently in the final stages of ensuring that our WMS feeds work within IDOX Uniform from version 9 onwards.

As well as working within desktop solutions, the data services provided by Getmapping are also compatible within a range of web-based GIS systems, including:ArcGIS Online, Local View/Local View Fusion, Stratus, ​Civica GIS

Our solution will automatically select and serve the correct version of the data service required by the client software.

If changes to OGC standards are identified, new development work is rapidly actioned to ensure that Getmapping’s services keep pace with new developments and support the very latest versions of all OGC compliant data services.

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