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What locations are Height Data and LiDAR available for?

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Getmapping has a range of captured Height Data and LiDAR available to order off-the-shelf.

Height Data

  • The 5m DTM and 2m DSM datasets provided by Getmapping covers the whole of Great Britain and these datasets are continually updated as new areas are surveyed
  • The NextMap height dataset created in 2002-2003 covers the whole of Great Britain
  • PlanetObserver Planet DEM30 and Planet DEM90 are global height data sets captured by satellite


  • The Environment Agency LiDAR dataset is not contiguous and but does cover a large percentage of England and Wales. This dataset was created primarily for flood modelling and as such it is concentrated around coastal and river areas
  • The Atkins LiDAR covers parts of Scotland, but like the Environment Agency LiDAR does not have contiguous coverage
  • The Geoinformation Group data mainly covers urban areas within Great Britain

Coverage maps are available on request from the Sales Team, get in touch for more information.  

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