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What is the difference between Height Data & LiDAR?

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Getmapping has a range of height and LiDAR data suitable for use by Local Authorities, Government Agencies, plus private sector engineering, environmental and planning consultancies. In recent years there has been new sources of data available at different accuracies and price bands, resulting in a huge choice of data for professionals.

  • LiDAR is an acronym for “Light Detection and Ranging”. It is used to describe an airborne laser profiling system that produces location and elevation data to define the surface of the earth and the heights of above ground features. LiDAR is the most accurate and highest quality height data product available, but has limited coverage. It is quite expensive to acquire and tends to get used only where high accuracy is really important. Getmapping can source LiDAR data from a number of sources
  • Height data is created photogrametrically using algorithms to create a Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and  Digital Service Models (DSM) from high resolution Aerial Imagery that is captured nationwide

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