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What are the various types of Height Data and LIDAR available from Getmapping?

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Getmapping are able to provide a number of different datasets when it comes to Height Data and this means you can purchase the optimal product for your requirements.

Most of the products are available as a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM). Digital Surface Model includes all surface features such as trees, vegetation, buildings and structures. This is typically used for mast propagation and view shed work. Digital Terrain Model has all surface features removed and is just the topography of the ground. This is used for flood modelling and site analysis for engineering.

Height Data

  • Getamapping 5m DTM & 2m DSM
  • NEXTMap 5m DTM & 5m DSM


  • Environment Agency LiDAR 25cm-2m across England and Wales where available
  • Atkins Global LiDAR 1m LiDAR data across Scotland where available.
  • The Geoinformation Group 1m & 2m DSM across urban centres
  • Bluesky LiDAR data extensive coverage across Great Britain with exceptionally high accuracy of up to +/-3cm

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