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Height & LiDAR Data

How is Digital Surface Model (DSM) Height Data produced?

  • The first surface model is produced using the digital stereo aerial photography acquired by Getmapping
  • The data is acquired and processed independent of any OS datasets and is therefore free from any third party copyright
  • The process takes advantage of semi-automatic algorithms and the superior quality of the digital camera technology to produce a clean first surface model
  • This requires only minimal manual editing to remove gross errors and to accurately map the drainage network

How is Digital Terrain Mode (DTM) Height Data produced?

  • The DSM is edited to produce a 5m DTM product
  • Getmapping uses a suite of algorithms to semi-automatically edit the DSM and remove unwanted surface features such as buildings and vegetation
  • These algorithms include a routine which reduces the woodland canopy areas based on a bounding polygon
  • This requires some manual intervention to create bounding polygons for woodland extents and identify true ground level

What locations are Height Data and LiDAR available for?

Getmapping has a range of captured Height Data and LiDAR available to order off-the-shelf.

Height Data

  • The 5m DTM and 2m DSM datasets provided by Getmapping covers the whole of Great Britain and these datasets are continually updated as new areas are surveyed
  • The NextMap height dataset created in 2002-2003 covers the whole of Great Britain
  • PlanetObserver Planet DEM30 and Planet DEM90 are global height data sets captured by satellite


What formats are Height Data and LiDAR available in?

Height Data & LiDAR is available in a wide range of formats to load in to various pieces of software. 

The standard formats are listed below:

  • .Ascii
  • .DXF Mesh
  • .DXF Point file
  • .XYZ

We are also able to convert data to other formats that have not been listed, contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.

How accurate is Height Data and LiDAR?

The vertical accuracies vary depending on the dataset and how the data has been created.

The accuracy for each dataset available is listed below.

Height Data

  • Getmapping Height Data has a vertical accuracy of 50-60cm +/- RMSE and a horizontal accuracy of <1m +/- RMSE
  • NEXTMap Height Data has a vertical accuracy of around 1m +/- RMSE and a horizontal accuracy of 2.5m +/- RMSE


What is the difference between Height Data & LiDAR?

Getmapping has a range of height and LiDAR data suitable for use by Local Authorities, Government Agencies, plus private sector engineering, environmental and planning consultancies. In recent years there has been new sources of data available at different accuracies and price bands, resulting in a huge choice of data for professionals.

What are the various types of Height Data and LIDAR available from Getmapping?

Getmapping are able to provide a number of different datasets when it comes to Height Data and this means you can purchase the optimal product for your requirements.

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