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Bespoke Surveys

How does Getmapping's Street Level survey differ from Google Street View?

Google Street View provides panoramic views from positions along many streets here in the UK.  Whilst a useful data source for many of our clients there are occasions when it doesn't give you the exact imagery and capabilities that you specifically need.

Getmapping's Street Layer surveys are commissioned by clients who have data needs over and above the standard data provided by Google.

What is the minimum area that can be surveyed?

If you are thinking about commissioning a bespoke survey then the size of the location may well dictate the best survey solution for you.

  • Generally aerial surveys using fixed wing aircraft or helicopters are not considered for less than 20 sq. kms because of mobilisation costs
  • UAV, LiDAR and Street level surveys can be for any size of area and are typically idea for small target areas

What is the best time of year to undertake Aerial Imagery Surveys?

Getmapping is a leading provider of aerial photography as we have vast experience in knowing how to capture the best imagery for our clients needs.

  • Here in the UK, one of the biggest factors in capturing high quality imagery is the weather and sun angles
  • Therefore the UK aerial survey season typically runs from March through to the end of October
  • However UAV, Height and LiDAR plus Street Level surveys can be undertaken year round

What countries does Getmapping have survey capabilities in?

Getmapping can provide a complete survey solution with a mix of helicopter, fixed wing and ground survey, and this acquisition increases both our capability and capacity

  • Typically Getmapping survey all over the UK
  • We also undertake surveys in Ireland and across Europe
  • We have 2 subsidiary survey companies within Africa
  • We have partner resources across America and Australasia
  • Our cameras and operators also are available for overseas rental outside of our own flying season

What bespoke surveys are offered by Getmapping?

Getmapping are experts in the acquisition, processing and delivery of high quality digital aerial imagery. We provide a complete survey solution and can undertake bespoke surveys to meet your specific requirements.

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