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What size geographic areas are available to buy from Getmapping?

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Getmapping hold a wide range of aerial imagery data. We have nationwide coverage available off the shelf in a range of resolution, available in various formats. 

Imagery data is available for direct order from our webshop. Orders for larger areas can be placed with our sales team.

  • Online it’s possible to purchase aerial photography in geographic areas ranging from 100m x 100m all the way up to 14km x 10km, although the larger geographic areas can only be ordered at lower resolutions
  • The options for purchasing areas online have been limited to set geographic extents to simplify the process of buying data, however offline Getmapping can supply any bespoke areas required
  • We can cookie-cut the aerial photography to follow unusual shapes such as rivers, roads and other transport networks, We are also able to cut exactly to site boundaries for new developments or industrial sites, or provide custom shapes like circles to use in marketing material and media use
  • Getmapping can also provide multiple images covering several sites if required
  • Custom sites can be specified to the Sales Team by supplying vector files such as shp/tab or dxf, or by simply sending a screenshot of an area required

For more information on bespoke sites please contact our Sales Team

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