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Aerial Photography

I require the exact date of the Aerial Photograph I have purchased for legal purposes

Getmapping is happy to provide this information.

Please email referencing your unique 6 digit order reference number and we will respond with a letter confirming the date of capture of the image. The order reference number can be found on your order confirmation email.

Can Getmapping supply Aerial Photography for international locations?

Through our own survey programmes and network of partners Getmapping is able to source off-the-shelf high resolution imagery for areas in Europe and beyond. 

I need an Aerial Photograph from a specific time period, is this possible?

Getmapping have been capturing aerial photography since 1999 and most areas across Great Britain have been captured multiple times since then. All imagery available for all areas is available to buy online from our webshop.

Getmapping record the exact date of capture of every aerial photograph so if this is required for planning or to aid with resolving a boundary dispute this can be provided after purchase. 

Which formats are Getmapping's vertical Aerial Photography supplied in?

The default format for Aerial Photography when purchased through our website is Jpeg. This is a widely used format which is compatible with all major software packages from CAD to GIS and all commonly used viewing tools including the standard Windows Photo Viewer.

Aerial Photography is also available in ECW format online, this specialist compressed format is used within GIS software such as Mapinfo, Global Mapper and Q-GIS.

How is Getmapping Aerial Photography licensed?

Getmapping can supply aerial phototgraphy for any purpose, whether you just want a picture for your wall or to use across a range of corporate marketing material.

Our standard internal business use licence allows all imagery purchased through our website or offline through the Sales Team to be used internally in perpetuity without any follow up fees or licence costs.

What does “Resolution” mean and how do I choose the correct resolution for my needs?

The resolution of the aerial photography determines the amount of detail you can see when you view the image and zoom in. A digital image is made up of pixels and the resolution describes the distance on the ground represented by each pixel.

How much does Aerial Imagery cost?

The price of aerial photography is determined by three things:

  • area
  • resolution
  • end use

Pricing starts from just under £20 for a small area. Contact our SalesTeam if you would like a quote.

What size geographic areas are available to buy from Getmapping?

Getmapping hold a wide range of aerial imagery data. We have nationwide coverage available off the shelf in a range of resolution, available in various formats. 

Imagery data is available for direct order from our webshop. Orders for larger areas can be placed with our sales team.

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