OS MasterMap Highways Network - Roads

  • The most complete, detailed and accurate navigable road network dataset for Great Britain
  • It records the dimensions and accessibility of roads
  • Provides detailed information about planned roads and roads under construction helping you to better understand the roads of today and the roads of tomorrow
  • It joins together OS high-quality, accurately surveyed data with features from the National Street Gazetteer; the Local Highways Authorities road name, numbering and maintenance; and the Trunk Road Street Gazetteer collected by Highways England and Welsh Government


  • Designed to work with OS MasterMap Topography Layer and the AddressBase family. Highways Network focuses on joining the topographic identifiers (TOIDs) between these products to enable various applications, from doorstep deliveries to managing street works more effectively.
  • The Unique Street Record Number (USRN) links this data to AddressBase®, providing the ability to search for or navigate to an address, improve consultation with residents about roadworks, and identify installations like electricity substations
  • Dovetails with OS MasterMap Topography layer, enabling you to understand precisely how roads, land and buildings exist together


  • Coverage: Great Britain
  • Update Frequency: Six weekly continuous revision cycle
  • Formats: Vector (GML 3.2.1 and ESRI Shape)
  • Supply: Email Download, FTP, DVD, Data Streaming (WFS)
  • Licensing Options: Annual, Internal Business Use or if you’re in the public sector your organisation can use it at no extra charge thanks to the PSMA and OSMA mapping agreements

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