OS Code-Point with Polygons

Code-Point with Polygons shows the shape of 1.6 million postcode units in Great Britain. Each one contains an average of 15 adjoining addresses.

  • Includes all of the postcodes attached to one building, such as a corporate head office or residential tower block
  • Polygons created using the most accurate Royal Mail postcode location data points, filtered by positional quality
  • Code-Point with Polygons integrates very well with other products such OS MasterMap layers and OS VectorMap Local


A dataset of boundaries that follow a consistent logic, Code-Point with Polygons portrays the notional footprint of each postcode unit, making it an ideal statistical tool.

  • Identify the best location for a new retail outlet
  • Profile your customers by location with precision
  • Gain insights through effective health and epidemiology research


  • Coverage: Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Update Frequency: Quarterly – February, May, August and November
  • Formats: Vector (GML, ESRI Shape, MicroStation® DGN or AutoCAD® DWG and DXF)
  • Supply: Email Download, FTP, DVD, Data Streaming (WMS, WMTS)
  • Licensing Options: Annual, Internal Business Use or if you’re in the public sector your organisation can use it at no extra charge thanks to the PSMA and OSMA mapping agreements

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