Mobile Mapping Data:  LiDAR and Street-Level Imagery

  • Survey Grade Terrestrial Point Cloud Data
  • High-Resolution Panormanic Street-Level Imagery
  • Captured by Getmapping
  • Coverage includes London Boroughs and other cities
  • Cost effective feature extraction of all features, such as street furntiure
  • Delivery in all GIS standard formats
  • Bespoke surveys can be carried out to meet your needs

Mobile Mapping Data - Point Cloud and Imagery

Getmapping has captured in excess of 5,000 line kms of high-density point cloud data and matching high-resolution panoramic imagery, of car parking zones across London boroughs and other cities.  All data has been collected with the Leica Pegasus: Two Mobile Mapping and Ultimate Systems, providing highly accurate, survey grade data, out of the box. 

  • Survey grade terrestrial Point Cloud data available out of the box - 1 million points per second captured
  • High Resolution 360° panoramic street-level imagery also available - seamless “stitch free” imagery captured with dual fish-eye camera
  • Captured using the most advanced mobile mapping technology available - the Leica Pegasus: Two and Ultimate Mobile Mapping Systems
  • Fast feature extraction, Getmapping can quickly and cost-effectively extract all street furniture such as road signs, lamp posts, road markings, drains, manholes etc
  • Bespoke surveys can be carried out to capture areas where data is not currently available, in less time and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional survey


We can provide data of all Car Parking Zones across 19 London Boroughs within Greater London, plus Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton and Portsmouth.

If we haven’t got your area covered please contact us and we would be happy to discuss bespoke surveys to meet your needs.

Red is 2017 capture and Blue is 2018 capture


The captured 3D geospatial data has far-reaching uses across numerous Public Sector departments and commercial industry sectors including Utilities, Highways, Insurance, Engineering, Construction and Transportation:

  • TRO’s – Traffic Related Orders 
  • Detailed chainage analysis of highway 
  • Asset identification and extraction
  • Street furniture extraction
  • Building ownership identification
  • Desktop assessments
  • Visualisations
  • 3d modelling
  • Smart cities and mobility
  • 3D topographic surveys
  • Asset management
  • Urban planning
  • Road mapping and navigation
  • Emergency response planning

Example: Highway Chainage Analysis


Pricing is available on application. Please contact the Getmapping sales team to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quotation.

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