Height Data - PlanetObserver DEM90

PlanetDEM 90, a new Digital Elevation Model (DEM) entirely reprocessed and offering a global coverage with 90-meter resolution that gives you highly detailed information on the environment.

  • Unique global reference elevation dataset
  • Multi-source elevation product processed from SRTM data (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) version 4.1, corrected and completed with many other source data (cartographi etc)
  • Entirely void-free and reliable data immediately available


PlanetDEM 90 is a major reference elevation dataset, perfect for many solutions.

  • 3D simulation and visualisation applications
  • Satellite imagery orthorectification
  • Creation of embedded database, particularly for the Defence industry
  • Geological surveys


  • Coverage: Global
  • Source: SRTM v4.1 data corrected and completed with cartographic sources
  • Resolution: 90m
  • Projection: Geographic WGS 84
  • Formats: GeoTiff, ASCII
  • Supply: Email Download, FTP, DVD, Data Streaming (WMS, WMTS)
  • Licensing Options: Perpetual

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