XMAP is a web-based GIS software that enables effective Remote Working

  • XMAP ensures that all users are accessing the same data, creating a Single Source of Truth

  • XMAP provides tools and functions that support Greater Collaboration between teams

  • XMAP manages all of your geospatial data centrally, reducing IT strain


  • Responsive Design: The touch-enabled interface works on different screen sizes so users can access data and tools wherever they are 
  • Unlimited Usage: No restrictions on usage within an organisation, and unlimited user accounts option available (ideal for Local Authorities, for example) 
  • Encrypted and Secure: All communications are encrypted and the system holds up to rigorous penetration testing. This allows high security data to be hosted confidently. 
  • Single Sign-On: Cloud GIS can be deployed with in-built User Management or through utilising a Single Sign On (SSO) policy or manager, giving flexibility on or off-site. 
  • Rapid deployment: easily switch from other well-known services; get started in a matter of hours.

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XMAP is a valuable resource for anyone needing to work with geospatial data. It is particularly valuable to non-geospatial specialists who want an easy way to work with mapping and imagery. Popular sectors include:

  • Public Sector workers
  • Property & Planning
  • Insurance & Finance
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Charities


How is XMAP delivered?

XMAP is a web-based software solution that can be accessed in the office, at home or on the move.

How much does XMAP cost?

XMAP is priced according to usage requirements. Please contact a member of our sales team to discuss how Getmapping AI can help your organisation or business.

What data comes with XMAP?

XMAP comes with a package of free to use datasets such as OS OpenData. Any licensed data you already own can easily be added and other premium datasets such as high resolution imagery or OS Mastermap can be purchased as an add on.

How does XMAP compare to other GIS software?

XMAP is specifically designed as an easy to use, intuitive software that can be used by anyone needing to work with geospatial data. It is not designed to compete with high-end professional GIS software, but it has all the common functionality that most users will need.

Who are Geoxphere?

XMAP is developed by Geoxphere, a British company that was formed with the belief that geospatial data should be shared as widely as possible and is not the reserve of the GIS techy.

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