Quick and efficient Web Map Services

  • A range of base datasets available including all scales of Ordnance Survey mapping plus aerial photography and rastorised height data
  • Fast map refresh times, recognised as one of the fastest Web Map Service (WMS) services available 
  • Easy to implement, compatible with the majority of GIS desktop software and web interfaces plus design packages
  • Fully OGC compliant
  • Used extensively by commercial businesses plus public sector organisations including Central Government, Local Authorities and National Parks
  • Competitive annual subscription based pricing
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Data Streaming - Web Map Service

Getmapping's managed Web Map Service (WMS) allows geographic base map data to be streamed over the web. It can be used as a cost-effective and efficient way of giving a whole organisation access to high quality map data, without the need for large local copies of the datasets to maintain in-house.

  • Remove the need to store and maintain their own copies of base mapping which saves time and frees IT resources and costs
  • Getmapping ensures all base maps are up-to-date which means each user can rely on the service to display the latest maps
  • Ensures continuity within an organisation as each user is viewing the same version of the map
  • Getmapping's WMS can be connected to any OGC-compliant software package, or any WMS-compatible API. It can also be used directly within a web browser
  • Popular compatible software includes Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional, ESRI ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, CadCorp SIS, Gaia and Getmapping’s Online GIS, amongst others
  • Getmapping's WMS offers a 99.9% or greater service uptime and typical map load speeds range from less than 1 second on a Broadband connection up to 5 seconds on a mobile internet connection, these may vary depending on an organisation’s connection. Getmapping are very happy to provide demo accounts so the service can be tested on a customer’s own connection


  • Feed all scales of OS mapping data including licensed and open data 
  • Stream of all epochs of Getmapping aerial imagery plus derived data such as colour infrared and rastorised height data
  • Composite data feeds available for mapping and aerial imagery ensuring users always view data at the appropriate scale
  • Different styling options available including faded and grey-scale OS mapping layers
  • Continual updates ensure that users are always working with the most current data sets available
  • Overlay different epochs of imagery for comparison
  • Fully OGC compliant Web Map Service (WMS) data feeds
  • Fast delivery of raster data sets to packages including ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp, QGIS, Global Mapper as well as Autocad and IDOX Uniform 
  • Also available as a Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
  • The ability to host, manage and stream any 3rd party raster data set
  • Fast map refresh speed; our map refresh rate has been found to be 5 times faster than the “OGC Quality of Service” benchmark of 5 seconds
  • Managed data feeds including the provision of subcontractor and short term access
  • Reduced data storage costs as we host and maintain all data in our award winning data centre
  • All updates managed by Getmapping allowing internal resource to be used more efficiently


  • No need to locally store base mapping, free up network capacity, save server space/costs
  • Remove need to download, maintain and update base mapping, saving man hours/costs
  • All staff use the same mapping version, reinforce business continuity, minimise risk
  • Take advantage of mapping without GIS skills, increase productivity, reduce costs
  • Make data available anywhere in organisation, get the best value from your GIS Budget

Data Collections

OS Premium WMS

The OS Premium WMS is a popular streaming service for Central Government, Local Authorities, utilities, construction, transport and mining organisations. Premium provides access to all the Ordnance Survey raster base maps available to PSMA and OSMA members:

  1. OS 1:50,000 Scale Colour Raster
  2. OS 1:25,000 Scale Colour Raster
  3. OS VectorMap Local Raster
  4. OS MasterMap Topography Layer

Getmapping also value-adds the datasets to provide faded and greyscale versions of the mapping, including a Land-Line style for MasterMap.

OS OpenData WMS

The OS OpenData WMS is a popular streaming service for large and small organisations as it provides a range of useful map scales that can underpin critical business operations at a very low annual cost. OS OpenData provides access to all the Ordnance Survey raster base maps available as OS OpenData:

  1. OS GB Overview
  2. OS MiniScale
  3. OS 1:250,000 Scale Colour Raster
  4. OS Open Map Local
  5. OS VectorMap District
  6. OS Open Rivers
  7. OS Terrain 50

Getmapping also value-adds the datasets to provide faded and greyscale versions of the mapping.

Getmapping Aerial Photography WMS

The Getmapping Aerial Photography WMS is a popular streaming service for Central Government, Local Authorities, utilities, construction, transport and mining organisations. Aerial Photography provides access to Getmapping’s complete Aerial Photography archive, ranging from the Millennium Map captured in 1999 all the way to the most recent high resolution digital surveys. Getmapping has 100% coverage of the England, Wales and Scotland at either 12.5cm resolution or 25cm resolution. New imagery is added to the layer automatically once it has been captured by Getmapping’s survey aircraft, geo-processed and quality checked.

A-Z Street and Road WMS

Commonly used in Central Government, Local Authorities, Emergency Services, Planning and Contingency Preparation and Transport Organisations. The Geographers’ A-Z Map Company WMS includes:

  1. Highly detailed urban centre Large Scale Mapping
  2. Iconic Street Mapping
  3. Award winning Road Mapping

ConveyMap Historical WMS

With ConveyMap Historical you have access to the only fully geo-referenced, high resolution full colour historical OS mapping archive in the world.

  • The ConveyMap Historical WMS service gives lightweight streamlined access to over 70TB of historical mapping.
  • The ConveyMap Historical digital archive of historical Ordnance Survey mapping covers the British Mainland between 1850 and 1995. ConveyMap Historical is uniquely positioned to add new mosaic layers every year as mapping comes out of copyright giving access to the most recently out of copyright historical mapping.We understand that attention to detail is important, that’s why you are able to identify the exact dates of the sheet you are viewing within mosaic.
  • The ConveyMap Historical collection includes all the published OS scales, from large scale town plans at 1:500 all the way up to 1:63.360, providing a detailed insight into the history of any given location.
  • Every original historic map has its margin metadata recorded, with the sheet then scanned at 24bit full colour 400DPI.  Each image is then cropped and geo-rectified with a high level of accuracy. Raw geo-tiffs are then rendered into mosaics. Each mosaic layer is separated by 5 year blocks based on the top end of their survey range. 

The following layers are included in the Getmapping ConveyMap Historical mapping WMS;

  1.        1893-1896 Ordnance Survey 5 Foot to the Mile London Town plans (1:1,056)
  2.        1840’s-1890’s Ordnance Survey 1:500 Town Plans
  3.        1841-1952 Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile County Series (1:2500)
  4.        1842-1952 Ordnance Survey 6 inch to the mile County Series (1:10,560)
  5.        1937-1961 Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Provisional series
  6.        1940’s-1965 Ordnance Survey 1:1,250 National Grid
  7.        1940’s -1965 Ordnance Survey 1:2,500 National Grid
  8.        1970’s Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 National Grid 

Oceanwise Marine and Coastal WMS

The Marine and Coastal WMS provides access to OceanWise’ renowned marine and coastal datasets that, unlike terrestrial, are not available from national mapping agencies, OceanWise has, over the last 10 years,  produced innovative and user-friendly Raster Chart and Intelligent Marine Themes datasets including its high resolution Digital Elevation Model (DEM). 

The WMS includes:

  1. Raster Chart Data - complete world-wide coverage with the option to choose your preferred terrestrial  data for a seamless land-sea output
  2. Marine Themes Vector Data –available for UK, NW Europe and other areas (subject to data originator permissions)
  3. Marine Themes DEM – available for  UK, NW Europe and other areas (subject to data originator permissions) with the option for PSMA/OSMA  members to merge with OSGB and NI LPS elevation data

UKLand Database WMS

UKLand is a maintained, national land information database providing a detailed breakdown of the location, area and usage of land across the UK. With 30 different land use classes from agriculture, business parks, transport and urban centres, UKLand provides a consistent and valuable insight into land usage across the UK.

Already in use with land consultants to identify potential development land, eco companies to model wind farm developments and utility companies to map drainage, this database is proving an essential resource for planning and information professionals and Local Authorities managing assets in the UK.

UKMap Database WMS

UKMap is a modern, highly detailed and feature rich mapping database. Its innovative design offers users a flexible choice of integrated map layers within a single geographic information source. Based on 1:1,000 scale topographic mapping, UKMap accurately locates buildings, garages, property boundaries, roads, trees and a multitude of other features. In addition, it comprises addresses, retail names including above ground usage, building heights, and a wide range of points of interest. UKMap is being utilised by a number of key public sector organisations such as Metropolitan Police, London Fire, TfL to name just a few.


  • Pricing available upon request
  • Price is dependent on the dataset collections you require
  • Price is also dependant on contract length and usage
  • All data sets, with the exception of OS OpenData, require a separate data license
  • The WMS service supports Version 1.3.0 as the default WMS Version, as well as the older versions 1.1.1 and 1.1.0
  • The image type returned from the WMS will be in PNG or JPEG file format as requested by the client
  • Average uptime of 99.983% provided to our users since the beginning of 2012
  • Getmapping is fully accredited to ISO9001, 14001 and 27001, ensuring that we deliver high quality, sustainable and secure services to our large customer base
  • Getmapping provide technical support 24/7 for all of our data services

Having the imagery as a WMS feed was really convenient, we simply subscribed to the feed from within our GIS and had immediate access to a seamless layer of high resolution imagery. There is no data to manage, and no servers to update.

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