Quick and efficient Web Feature Services

  • Fully OGC compliant
  • Easy to implement
  • Compatible with the majority of GIS desktop software and web interfaces plus design packages
  • Fast refresh times, recognised as one of the fastest web feature services available 
  • All OS vector data sets available including MasterMap, AddressBase and open data vector products
  • Growing user base in public sector organisations
  • Competitive annual subscription based pricing
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Data Streaming - Web Feature Service

Getmapping's managed Web Feature Service (WFS) allows geographic base map data to be streamed over the web.

  • Provides a cost-effective and efficient way of giving a whole organisation access to high quality map data, without the need for large local copies of the datasets to maintain in-house
  • With Getmapping's WFS feeds, an organisation can avoid having to store and maintain their own copies of base mapping which saves time and frees IT resources, reducing costs. Getmapping ensures all base maps are up-to-date so every user can rely on the service to display the latest maps, ensuri g continuity wihtin an organisation as each user is viewing the same version of the map
  • Getmapping's WFS can be connected to any OGC-compliant software package, or any WFS-compatible API. It can also be used directly within a web browser. Popular compatible software includes Pitney Bowes MapInfo Professional, ESRI ArcGIS, Quantum GIS, CadCorp SIS, Gaia and Getmapping’s Online GIS, amongst others
  • Getmapping's WFS offers a 99.9% or greater service uptime and typical map load speeds range from less than 1 second on a Broadband connection up to 5 seconds on a mobile internet connection. These may vary depending on an organisation’s connection. Getmapping are very happy to provide demo accounts so the service can be tested on a customer’s own connection


  • Feed all OS vector data sets including MasterMap, AddressBase products and OS open data vector products
  • The ability to host, manage and stream any third party vector data set
  • Fast map refresh speed; our map refresh rate has been found to be 5 times faster than the “OGC Quality of Service” benchmark of 5 seconds
  • Continual updates ensure that users are always working with the most current data sets available
  • Fully OGC compliant Web Feature Service (WFS) data feeds
  • Fast delivery of vector data sets to packages including ESRI, MapInfo, CadCorp, QGIS, Global Mapper as well as Autocad and IDOX Uniform 
  • Managed data feeds including the provision of subcontractor and short term access
  • Different styling options available based on style layer descriptors
  • Reduced data storage costs as we host and maintain all data in our award winning data centre
  • Minimum downtime, users have received an average uptime of 99.983% since the beginning of 2012
  • All updates managed by Getmapping allowing internal resource to be used more efficiently


  • No need to locally store base mapping, free up network capacity, save server space/costs
  • Remove need to download, maintain and update base mapping, saving man hours/costs
  • All Users are using the same mapping version, reinforce business continuity, minimise risk
  • Take advantage of mapping without GIS skills, increase productivity, reduce costs
  • Make mapping data available anywhere in organisation, get best value from your GIS Budget

Data Collections

OS Premium WFS

The OS Premium WFS service is a popular streaming service for Central Goverment, Local Authorities, utilities, construction, transport and mining organisations.

It provides access to:

  1. OS MasterMap® Topography Layer
  2. OS MasterMap® ITN
  3. OS VectorMap Local
  4. OS Code-Point
  5. OS Code-Point with Polygons

The MasterMap® WFS is divided into separate layers, all these layers build up a complete and up-to-date OS MasterMap® dataset:

  1. Boundary-Line
  2. Cartographic Symbol
  3. Cartographic Text
  4. Topographic Area
  5. Topographic Line
  6. Topographic Point


  • Pricing available upon request
  • Price is dependent on the dataset collections you require
  • Price is also dependant on contract length and usage
  • All data sets require a separate data license
  • The WFS service supports versions 1.1.0 as well as version 1.0.0
  • WFS version 2.0.2 has recently been released and we can supply WFS in this format if required
  • Average uptime of 99.983% provided to our users since the beginning of 2012
  • We are fully accredited to ISO9001, 14001 and 27001, ensuring that we deliver high quality, sustainable and secure services to customers
  • Getmapping provides technical support 24/7 for all of our data services

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