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Surveys - Oblique Imagery

Getmapping captures oblique imagery using state of the art oblique camera technology. We deliver oblique imagery within an extremely powerful software tool for the viewing, analysis and measurement of the built and natural environment.

  • Oblique and vertical imagery captured at the same time
  • Orthogonal imagery provides top down view for additional analysis
  • Rapid access to a 3D information source which shows a 360° view of every location in your area
  • View any feature from 5 angles simultaneously; the multi-perspective interface allows you to click on any part of the dataset to synchronise all windows to the same area
  • Data delivered in software with a set of built-in tools that enable accurate 3D measurements to be taken
  • Measure spot heights, lengths, areas and perimeters and distances
  • Measurements are automatically highlighted and annotated allowing users to quickly view the results 
  • Quickly create reports with the the ability to capture a screenshot of the current view 


Oblique aerial photography is an invaluable resource for Local Authorities, developers and asset management agencies. Create 3D Building Models using the sophisticated 3D digitiser which can be exported as SHP, KML and 3DS for use in packages such as ArcView, Google Earth, Google SketchUp and AutoDesk.  Users can quickly view results without having to undertake a site visit.

  • Property valuations
  • 3D visualisation and simulation
  • 3D modelling
  • Cityscapes
  • City and Town planning
  • Infrastructure mapping
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • Flood mapping
  • Height creation


Oblique  surveys are tailored to your specifications.

  • Flight planning and permissions
  • Frames and exterior orientation parameters
  • Orthorectification of the vertical imagery
  • Accurate external orientation for oblique
  • Height creation
  • 2D / 3D photogrammetric mapping
  • Worldwide deployment of MIDAS and A3 oblique camera systems
  • Up to 3cm GSD in vertical and 5cm GSD oblique
  • Applanix IMU / INS for high accuracy with the MiDAS
  • A3 does not require IMU / INS5 x Nikon D810 Digital Camera
  • Various data delivery options including online hosting, streaming and GIS implementation for a full survey and processing solution; our oblique data also works seamlessly with leading GIS platforms
  • Free from any license restrictions

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