Surveys - LiDAR

In addition to providing LiDAR data 'off the shelf' from 3rd party partners, Getmapping offer a LiDAR survey service to capture bespoke data.

  • Vast experience in the capture, processing and delivery of high quality accurate LiDAR data
  • Tailor made solutions to meet your specific needs
  • Multi-sensor mapping with medium format cameras for a full aerial survey solution
  • We can survey large areas using our fixed wing aircraft
  • Low level surveys are possible from helicopter, providing high levels of detail and accuracy – up to 40 points per metre


  • Topographical survey
  • Mining sector – volumetric measurement of stockpiles
  • Flood mapping
  • Power network infrastructure
  • Existing railway, road and pipeline upgrades
  • New road design
  • New pipeline routing
  • Asset management
  • Subsidence monitoring


  • Trimble Harrier LiDAR with Rollei 60mp digital camera
  • Riegl VQ480i LiDAR with IGI DigiCam camera
  • IGI and Applanix IMU/INS and AeroControl
  • High levels of detail and accuracy
  • RiAcquire and Terrasolid Processing suites

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