Surveys - Equipment Hire

 Getmapping have a comprehensive range of survey equipment that can be hired.

  • Worldwide deployment of large format cameras, oblique cameras, LiDAR and street imagery sensors
  • IGI and Applanix IMU / INS for high accuracy
  • SOMAG stabilised mounts for UltraCams
  • Camera Operators available throughout your project and for installation or training as required
  • Processing through UltraMap and ISAT/GXP softwares to a variety of delivery formats including online hosting, streaming and GIS implementation for a full survey and processing solution


  • Central and Local Government tenders
  • Infrastructure and forest mapping
  • Planning
  • Mine surveying
  • Civil engineering and construction
  • Architects and planners
  • Environmental assessments
  • Precision farming
  • Height creation
  • 3D modelling
  • Education and academic studies
  • Marketing and media - both online, in printed brochures and corporate material


Getmapping offer a range of equipment for hire with a choice of rental models.

Survey equipment includes:

  • UltraCam large format camera systems for vertical aerial capture with infrared capabilities
  • Visionmap A3 for vertical and oblique capture
  • MIDAS oblique camera system
  • Riegl and Trimble Harrier LiDAR systems with IGI DigiCam  and Rollei 60mp camera
  • Getmapping Street Imagery Sensor
  • IMU / INS and Navigation – IGI and Applanix
  • LiDARs

Rental solutions include:

  • Standard System Rental: camera system rental for a fixed period for a fixed fee
  • Flexible Rental: camera system rental for an agreed duration with a reduced fixed fee, plus a fee per kilometre of data captured
  • Pay As You Go: camera system rental on a ‘pay as you go’ (per kilometre captured) basis, subject to minimum targets
  • Integrated Solution: camera system rental plus image processing also available as a full ‘pay as you go’ per kilometre solution

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