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[object Object]Getmapping has partnered with PlanetObserver to offer a full range of global and regional Earth satellite imagery. 

Active in the sector of satellite images for over 25 years, PlanetObserver has developed a strong know-how in advanced satellite imagery processing at an international level. 

  • PlanetSAT 15 v4.2 is unique global satellite imagery product
  • Unique global imagery base map
  • Upgraded with cloudless data
  • Up-to-date images


With their attractive colours combined with geometric accuracy, PlanetSAT 15 satellite images constitute the perfect basemap for a wide variety of applications:

  • Web mapping
  • Visualization and simulation solutions
  • Smartphone applications
  • Graphic solutions for broadcast and weather
  • Navigation software for entertainment
  • Audiovisual production
  • Mapping and illustration (print/web)


  • Source: Satellite Landsat 7 ETM+ (+ updates with Landsat 8 data)
  • Resolution: 15m
  • Coverage: Global
  • Spectral mode: Natural colours (3 bands)
  • Projection: Geographic WGS 84
  • Formats: Raster (JPEG, geoTIFF and ECW)
  • Supply: Email Download, FTP, DVD, Data Streaming (WMS, WMTS)
  • Licensing Options: Perpetual

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