Aerial Data - Historical Imagery

Historic aerial imagery offers an unprecedented and unparalleled insight into the past, showing us changes that have taken place, and buildings that have stood through the years.

  • Unique access to a variety of film and print archives 
  • Created from original film where possible
  • Represents the very best of RAF and Luftwaffe aerial photography flown during 1939 to 1952


The combined value of historical information and the wealth of detail that is contained in modern aerial photography creates a truly valuable source of information for understanding the environment of both yesterday and its legacy for today.

  • Boundary disputes
  • Land use anlaysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Insurance risk assessment
  • Historic studies


  • Coverage: Select locations across England and Wales
  • ​Resolution: 50cm with 12.5cm for Central London
  • Sources: Includes RAF and Luftwaffe 
  • Frequency: Images from various dates from the late 1930's onwards including UK wide post war surveys from 1946 to 1952 
  • Formats: Raster (JPEG, geoTIFF and ECW)
  • Supply: Email Download, FTP, DVD, Data Streaming (WMS, WMTS)
  • Licensing Options: Perpetual


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