Aerial Data - Global Imagery

Getmapping is a leading provider of aerial photography across Europe and Africa and we work with key partners to provide access to high resolution aerial imagery from across the world.

  • Getmapping is the UK’s leading supplier of high resolution aerial imagery with complete national coverage of Great Britain
  • We can provide access to Northern Ireland data which captured by Land & Property Services NI
  • We have long established relationships with a number of key partners across Europe providing access to the latest European data 
  • Our 2 subsidiary companies capture and resell data across Africa
  • We have 3rd party relationships with experts further afield to source the best available data
  • Getmapping can also assist you with the streaming of global data.  Our OGC compliant Web Map Service feed (WMS feeds) are easy to implement and compatible with the majority of GIS desktop software and web interfaces plus design packages. With fast map refresh times, they are recognised as one of the fastest data streaming services available.

If you are looking to source global aerial imagery data please get in touch with our sales team who will do their best to help you.  

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