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Bespoke Surveys

Getmapping are known as leaders in the Geospatial industry, with a history of innovation and market-first offerings.  We continue to lead the way with GSaaS, and our unique ability to provide both mapping surveys in the air and on the ground, ensuring clients have access to a uniquely rich data set of the world around us. 

Our data provides exceptional detail and facts on objects, events or other features with a location on or near the surface of the earth (Geospatial data). We use best of breed sensor equipment and processing software to capture, process and deliver this information in a meaningful and accessible format. Our GSaaS solution provides this data as business intelligence and reliable knowledge that supports users in the key focus outcomes they desire - be that driving revenue, succinctly outlining risks and opportunities or accommodating fact based decision making in an expedient manner for our clients and partners.
From equipment hire through to full data capture, processing and supply of value-added products and services, our experienced team of survey experts will ensure that your survey and spatial data requirements are fully met. We pride ourselves on finding the optimal solution for every customer. 

Note that all GSaaS services are available in multiple formats to suit your specific access needs.  Contact us to discuss how we might help you to get more from Geospatial data.

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