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Aerial Imagery and Geospatial Data

Getmapping are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of global Geospatial data. 

As experts in the acquisition, processing and delivery of high quality digital aerial imagery, we provide easy and rapid access to an extensive catalogue of existing vertical, oblique and infrared imagery data for the whole of the British Isles and selected areas worldwide. We have high resolution 12.5cm and 25cm imagery with complete national coverage of Great Britain and 25cm for selected areas of Ireland. We are in the process of capturing up-to-date imagery for the entire Republic. We also have specialised, ultra-high 3cm and 5cm vertical and oblique imagery available for multiple urban areas, and 10cm vertical and oblique imagery for the whole of Greater London. 

We offer a range of captured height and LiDAR datasets. We have thousands of line kilometres of high-density point cloud data and matching high-resolution, ground-level panoramic images, including London boroughs and other cities. 

All these data sets are instantly available, on demand. 

Note that all GSaaS services are available in multiple formats to suit your specific access needs.  Contact us to discuss how we might help you to get more from Geospatial data.

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