Our GetSensing solution provides “instant data” to events of concern, such as safe distancing, PPE or Fever identification so you can ‘Be there without being there – instantly.’ GetSensing camera hardware is designed to work independently from fixed communications or mains power.  This allows our clients to rapidly deploy and relocate as required, and camera devices can be placed in the ideal spot, rather than needing to be installed where the infrastructure exists.

Clients can keep an eye on assets and activity even in areas where power and fixed-line internet are unavailable or too expensive to provide.

Our clients have asked for 'Instant Data' via imagery and analysis.  They have explained to us that the biggest issue with camera technologies is the complexity of the solutions including the need for expert installers, and speciailised management of the footage and process.  We have overcome these issues and launched our end-to-end solution - GetSensing.

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