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Getmapping’s Geo-spatial as a Service (G-SaaS) Solution provides your organisation with easy access to the ideal geospatial data for your needs. 

At Getmapping, we are passionate about democratising geospatial data so that all organisations achieve their full potential. Our G-SaaS offering supports this ideal. 

Geospatial data is a key enabler of the technological revolution already in progress, yet many organisations have barely started to understand the extent to which geospatial data, and the insight it creates, can transform the way they work. We have therefore introduced G-SaaS, to make it easy for people and organisations to access the data they need to create business insights and understand their data!.  

By selecting a G-SaaS solution from Getmapping, you will receive a tailored geospatial solution to meet your needs. G-SaaS allows users to self-manage big data, whether experts or not!.  

The key benefits of G-SaaS are: 

  • Providing the right geospatial data for your project: G-SaaS creates a tailored solution that is right for you. G-SaaS provides users with access to a wide range of on-demand geospatial content, alongside the ability to commission bespoke surveys as and when required. With a G-SaaS solution, we make sure that you have access to the right data for your requirements, and we don’t try to sell you something you don’t need.  
  • Simplifying access to geospatial data: Our G-SaaS platform makes the data easily accessible by providing it in the format and with the delivery mechanism most suited to your specific needs. This allows you to spend your valuable time working with the data, and to share it easily with all your stakeholders, whoever and wherever they are. 
  • Delivering Powerful Business Information: By leveraging the power of G-SaaS, you can be sure that your organisation is leveraging the full power of geospatial data to get the business information you need to succeed. 

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