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Parish Online: Wisborough Green Parish Council

Getmapping's easy-to-use cloud-based mapping system Parish Online is available for every Town and Parish Council within West Sussex, including Wisborough Green. Developed specifically for Parish Councils, Parish Online has been an invaluable mapping tool for their Parish Council.

West Sussex County Council wanted to help Local Councils carry out their devolved responsibilities and is providing town and parish councils with access to its definitive GIS data and a unqiue mapping tool via Getmapping's OnlineGIS developed for Parish Councils - Parish Online.

Parish Online has proved to be an invaluable tool for Wisborough Green Parish Council. Not only has it helped the Council in the preparation of their Neighbourhood Plan but it has also been used for other key projects:

  • Creation of a  map to show areas of flooding
  • Creation of Department for Transport accident maps and statistics to identify hotspots to support the Councils views when assessing proposed developments
  • Production of  a location of grit bins for the West Sussex County Council Winter Management Plan
  • Development of a location map of all Parish Council owned trees around the Conservation Area which in turns supports the creation of location plans for planning applications that may affect trees in the area
  • Creation of a map to highlight issues for the Highways Deprtment, such as blocked drains/pot holes
  • Easy to produce maps for Parish Council planning and grant applications
  • Production of a mailing list for some areas in the Parish 

"Parish Online has proved to be invaluable in my day to day work as a Parish Clerk and I would thoroughly recommend to any Clerk or Councillor that they give it a go! To date I have used the system to help prepare our neightbourhood plan and for mapping projects. I look forward to having more time to plot our village assets and using the system to its full potential, there are so many more possibilities."Louise Davies, Parish Clerk, Wisborough Green Parish Council

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