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Online GIS: Mendip Hills AONB

Mendip Hills AONB broad remit takes into account agriculture, forestry, rural industries and the economic and social needs of local communities. They wished to improve efficiency in responding to planning applications, developing tourism projects, and undertaking project management tasks. Getmapping's Online GIS Platform enabled them to deliver stronger conservation management.

Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is one of 46 ANOBs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland tasked with conserving and enhancing designated landscapes. With  a very strong character defined by their geology and position, the Mendip Hills AONB covers 198sq kms from Bleadon in the west to Chewton Mendip in the east and spans five Local Authorities.

Image of Cheddar Gorge, Somerset
The world famous Cheddar Gorge

Mapping is critical to AONB's

Mapping is extremely important to AONBs in their day-to-day work to understand the resource and how the different elements (e.g. wildlife, geology, water, built environment) relate to each other and hence the potential impact of change from factors such as new development, light pollution and species decline will have on the landscape.

Mendip AONB adopted Getmapping's Online GIS to develop maps for planning, community and archaeology projects. The hosted and shared mapping system allows their staff to use a wide variety of national mapping layers and to create their own map layers. In addition, key GIS tools such as search, print and location analysis allow staff to better understand human and physical factors in and around the AONB boundary.

Getmapping's Online GIS platform is making mapping easier

By using Getmapping’s Online GIS platform, Mendip AONB is now able to develop specific maps for planning, community and archaeology projects, including:

  • Planning of access management projects and producing detailed map-based specifications for contractors showing work requirements, site designations, features of interest and access routes.
  • Developing new projects by producing maps for use in consultation meetings with community groups and for project reports and funding bids.
  • Producing maps to be used by volunteers carrying out path condition surveys and archaeology surveys. 
  • Producing maps for AONB Young Ranger activities.

“Utilising cloud-based digital mapping was the obvious progression for us, as it allows us to increase our efficiency without the burden of extensive software licences, training and maintenance, which is hugely important given our limited resources”Sarah Jackson, Mendip Hills AONB Manager and Vice Chairman of NAAONB

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