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Mobile Mapping Survey: London Oxford Airport

Getmapping worked with London Oxford Airport to support the ongoing management of the stringent EASA safety and compliance regulations that all airports must adhere to.

London Oxford Airport is a primary regional airport based in The Thames Valley near London and has experienced fast growth in the last decade for both private and business aviation.  The airport occupies 375 acres of freehold land with over 335,000 sq.ft. of buildings of which 170,000 sq.ft. is hangarage. There are over 700 people employed on the airfield in all areas of aerospace and engineering support, and with  an additional resident population of student pilots on the airfield, they typically host over 1000 workers and visitors a day and on occasions experiences 600 aircraft movements a day.

Simplifying asset management and EASA compliancy

The Airport wished to simplify their asset management recording and compliance monitoring processes and also provide an auditing tool for IATA and EASA Regulators/Compliancy inspectors:

  • Recording of all possible risks and demonstration that they are being mitigated
  • Safeguarding horizontal and vertical safety/danger zones
  • Recording and measuring dimensions and geographical locations of frangibles
  • Recording position of airfield lights, also type, part no and fitting
  • Record position and details of high growing trees
  • Bi-annual bird survey/Bird management/ Long grass policy: Patrols are undertaken throughout the day with detailed findings fully recorded for the EASA and control methods planned and undertaken
  • Runway surface inspections are undertaken 4 times throughout the day: 4 times a day with numerous factors recorded such as time, weather, with reports sent to the Control Tower and then filed for EASA inspection

In addition, the Airport wanted to export GIS data to CAD to assist with the design and planning of the runway and taxiway.

We captured high resolution panormanic imagery of the airport 

Getmapping undertook a mobile mapping survey, where 360° high resolution panormanic imagery of the airport and assets was captured using Getmapping’s multi sensor camera mounted on a survey car.

The time stamped images were then processed into geographic space using high grade GPS and were made accessible to airport staff, along with Getmapping aerial imagery and OS Open Data, via our Online GIS software, enabling detailed and accurate analysis.

Access to imagery saves time and reduces paperwork

The London Oxford Airport team now use the imagery and mapping data to plan, coordinate and carry out daily on the ground safety inspections and have found that it saves both time and paperwork.  For example, a blown light typically takes 15-20 minutes to report and document and to produce a work instruction and stores docket. However, by using the data via the Online GIS tool this task has now reduced to just 5 minutes.

In addition, the team have also discovered that the system can be used for broader purposes that they had not initially considered. They can now produce and print local mapping and by allowing contractors access to the system they can quickly secure accurate quotes for maintenance work.

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