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Mobile Mapping Survey: AppyParking

AppyParking is the UK's youngest and most disruptive parking company, building smart parking solutions that enable quick and easy parking for consumers whilst reducing the need for expensive enforcement measures. AppyParking needed to survey London’s kerbsides to create an accurate map of all parking zones across the capital.

An initial pilot of a smart parking system was undertaken in Westminster where sensors were embedded in parking spaces to detect when they are occupied, showing drivers the nearest available parking spot and to allow instant cashless payment.  The power of data offers last meter navigation and functionality to vehicles with or without drivers, and relies on the mobile network connections that are being fitted to new vehicles, and added to existing commercial fleets.

With plans to roll out smart parking across London and other UK cities, AppyParking needed to survey London’s kerbsides to create an accurate map of all parking zones.

"We are building the next generation connected car and traffic management platform for the public and private sector."AppyParking

Getmapping undertake the first mobile mapping project of this scale in Europe

AppyParking approached Getmapping to undertake mobile mapping surveys of car parking zones across London, the largest mobile mapping project in Europe.

An established survey solutions provider, Getmapping has 20+ years experience in capturing and processing large volumes of geosptatial data, undertaking projects for Central and Local Governments and commercial clients across Europe and Southern Africa. Our team are experts in planning and managing the end to end survey process from data capture through to delivery.  In addition, Getmapping utilise the latest mobile mapping technology, we are the only survey company in Europe to operate multiple Pegasus:Two Ultimate mobile mapping systems.

Phase 1 - Efficient Data Capture Through Mobile Mapping

Getmapping we were able to start capture within a number of weeks from project confirmation and we undertook a phased data capture approach to simultaneously collect imagery and LiDAR data.

The initial capture of parking data for 6 London boroughs was required in Autumn 2017/18 (phase 1) with phase progressing through the first 6 months of 2018.

Surveying was possible throughout winter months of poor light, and no surveyors or traffic management crews were needed in the road, all data was captured from the safety of the vehicle. We were able to smoothly collect data, our mobile mapping vehicle travelled around the survey sites as per any other public vehicle travelling around London, with no traffic management or road closures required. 

  • 1 million points of data captured per second
  • 6 terabytes of raw data collected and 17 terabytes of data delivered
  • Maximised value – mobile mapping reduces the average survey time by 75% project compared to traditional survey methods


Phase 2 – More Data, Faster

The capture of parking data in a further 13 London boroughs started immediately and was completed by mid-year 2018. Getmapping invested in 2 of the latest Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate mobile mapping systems to complete this project, higher resolution camera system offering better picture quality, plus the Dual fish-eye camera system provides “stitching free” pictures.

By utilising the latest mobile mapping technology, which has 3 times the resolution compared to the standard system, the volume of data handled by Getmapping increased threefold and we upscaled our processing resources to handle the huge volume of data that phase 2 required.

Phase 3 - Increasing Geographic Reach

Our Mobile Mapping teams are now surveying cities across the UK to support the AppyParking smart parking proposition,

The captured imagery and point cloud data, along with associated feature extractions, enables AppyParking to deliver High Definition Traffic Management Data to our smart parking systems.

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