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Aerial Imagery Survey Data: Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council purchase high resolution aerial imagery of the whole county from Getmapping every 3 years. The imagery is made available to staff via their GIS and is used on a daily basis across a wide number of departments. 

Shropshire Council is the local authority of Shropshire in England. Shropshire is a rural and geographically unique county dispersed with beautiful traditional market towns, historical sites, diverse wildlife and lush rolling hills, making it a great walking country for ages. As a unitary authority it is responsible for the provision of all local government services within the county, including but not limited to; housing, education, planning, transport, highways, social services, leisure, waste and environmental health. 

f Shropshire Guildlhall and Church
Shropshire is a rural and geographically unique county

County wide aerial imagery updated every 3 years

Shropshire Council purchase updated high resolution aerial imagery of the whole county from Getmapping every 3 years. The county wide aerial imagery is made available to staff via their GIS and is used on a daily basis for a wide range of applications - for reviewing planning applications, for evaluating land use, for infrastructure management and also for mapping ecological habitats. Users automatically access the latest imagery available, and as several time stamped data sets are accessible they can view different epochs of imagery side by side or overlaid on each other to be able to review historical change of sites.

Delivering significant and specific benefits across the Council

Users across the council report that access to the latest high resolution aerial imagery delivers significant and specific benefits in their ability to offer their services in a timely and cost effective manner:

A crucial tool for Planning and Building Control 

 “We use Getmapping’s aerial imagery for a range of planning assessments. It is really important to have as recent as possible aerial imagery and this is automatically provided via our GIS, so we don’t have to worry if we are using the most up to date imagery."

"We use it for planning issues where site features are not evident on maps as it can be crucial for accurate assessment of impacts. It also enables us to see if building has started, allowing us to plan site visits more effectively. And as we have access to datasets several years apart it is useful for reviewing the historical change of sites, we can remotely review sites and resolve any issues where access to properties and buildings which may have changed."

"On occasions it’s proven useful to check for those things you can’t see from the ground – such as houses built behind straw bales!”

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Site visits can be planned more effectively Site visits can be planned more effectively

Providing huge value to the Outdoor Recreation Team

“Getmapping’s high resolution aerial photography is of huge value to my department. We can often locate features on site which would not be shown on other maps. For example, we get reports of fallen trees and damaged items and can often see where they are before going on site. In some cases we can even send a map to a contractor to get repairs done without the need to spend money and officer time on site visits."

“We need habitat information for our work which is not always evident or accurate from mapping. Working from aerial photography is often cheaper and more accurate than trying to map on the ground and may then just require validation by a short site visit.”

"Changes over a short period can be significant, so having access to the most up to date imagery really helps us. I and my colleagues use aerial imagery on a daily basis, it’s massively useful and significantly reduces the amount of site visits that we make.  With the same being true for other officers across the council  then it certainly offers value for money.”

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Cantlop Bridge, Shropshire

An essential resource saving money and improving services

The number of site visits being undertaken by Shropshire Council have been reduced, saving time and money, and in turn improving response times across services.

"Aerial photography has become one of our key layers of information used in GIS due to the different level of detail it offers compared to other mapping products.  For many services within the council it is an essential resource, which is used to aid service delivery and inform policy formulation.  As with any other mapping datasets, it becomes rapidly becomes out of date as land is developed and land use changes.  Purchasing new high quality versions of aerial photography gives us different view of an area over time, the older versions providing a valuable view of a specific time and place.  Its powerful visualisation is valuable for those less familiar accessing information using traditional maps."Julie Edwards, GIS Specialist, Shropshire Council

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