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Aerial Imagery & PSMA Data Feeds: All Wales Mapping Service

Getmapping provides fast and robust data feeds of aerial imagery and mapping data to public sector organisations who are members of The All Wales Mapping Services Framework.

The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) gives public sector organisations in England and Wales access to Ordnance Survey mapping products. Typically PSMA datasets were updated by each Local Authority/National Park across Wales.

Public sector organisations in Wales struggled to manage the data 

Due to the complexities in managing the data, many public sector organisations weren’t realising its full benefit:

  • Maintaining a local copy of the data took time and cost money in server capacity and maintenance so Authorities and Parks would frequently fall behind with updates
  • Third party datasets such as Getmapping's aerial photography, Landmark and historic planning data layers also take up space on servers
  • Hosting the data locally often resulted in multiple copies and versions of the mapping
  • Preparing data for subcontractors took a lot of time and effort

The All Wales Mapping Services Framework overcomes these issues

The All Wales Mapping Services Framework is an agreement which commenced in 2015 to overcome the above issues.  Those eligible to join the framework include Local Authorities, Police, Fire and Rescue organisations, National Parks and Public Health Wales.

Under the Framework, appointed supplier Getmapping provides a cloud-hosted base mapping service covering the whole of Wales where PSMA data sets are hosted at our award winning data centre and then streamed to members via our OGC compliant managed data feeds.  In addition to the provision of Ordnance Survey Mapping and Aerial Photograph captured by Getmapping, under our Managed Data Services we also host and stream a range of third party datasets including historic mapping and aerial photography.

Man looking at PC screen of digital mapping data streamed by WMS feeds

Our Managed Data Service delivers many benefits to members

Neath Port Talbot is the lead Authority for the agreement and put the tender documentation together for outsourcing the provision of aerial photography and mapping datasets covered by the PSMA. Kevin Williams, IT Consultant at Neath Port Talbot Local Authority says that the agreement has already delivered many benefits and real value to members:

  • In the past members would have to update all PSMA datasets and would very quickly fall behind. As Getmapping hosts all the data this has saved many hours which have now been re-invested in more important development work plus members have full confidence that end users are always working from the most up to date information. 
  • As Getmapping handle all aspects of data storage, management and all updates to all of datasets, members no longer need the local server capacity and maintenance to host the data.
  • Getmapping also host other base datasets such as historic aerial photography, Landmark Mapping and locally scanned planning map.
  • The ability to create short term accounts for sub-contractors has been invaluable. In the past members would have to cut DVDs of mapping which would then be uncontrolled copies of licensed data, there would also be hours of time required to prepare and dispatch the data.  
  • Multiple copies of mapping were common throughout a member's user base, now, because of the speed and the quality of the service, it is not worth keeping local copies.
  • The service has also been an enabler for a number of regional projects that need a seamless map of Wales, an example being the DRAGON Emergency Planning system developed by North Port Talbot.
  • The service has provided quality mapping for our public-facing web applications and has contributed to our new Digital Services strategy.

 “In summary, the service provided by Getmapping under All Wales Mapping Services Framework has allowed us to provide an economical, fast, resilient mapping service that has saved many hours of menial work, freeing up staff to do more value work."Kevin Williams, IT Consultant, Neath Port Talbot Local Authority

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