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Aerial Imagery & Mapping Data Feeds: The National Trust

The National Trust is one of the UK’s largest charities.  Geospatial data is critical to the Trust in their mission to protect Britain’s buildings, landscapes and coastlines. Getmapping stream aerial imagery and digital mapping to The Trust via our superfast data feeds, part of our Managed Data Services.

As a conservation organisation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Trust works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces. It owns many heritage properties and spaces, including historic houses and gardens, industrial monuments, and social history sites. 

  • The Trust's land holdings account for more than 610,000 acres (985 square miles, 2550 km²), mostly of countryside, and covering nearly 1.5% of the total land mass of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • A large part of this consists of parks and agricultural estates attached to country houses
  • The Trust owns or has covenant over about a quarter of the Lake District, and about 12% of the Peak District National Park
  •  It owns or protects roughly one-fifth of the coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (775 miles)

The National Trust relies heavily on accurate geospatial data

To protect Britain’s buildings, landscapes and coastlines and to make these accessible to all, the Trust makes strong use of geographical information across the organisation: 

  • To physically manage and maintain properties and AOI’s (areas of interest)
  • For strategy and analysis such as demographic reporting, environmental monitoring and land assessments
  • To  make efficient uses of resources and services such as staff and volunteers  
  • To engage with the general public and National Trust members by way of public mapping and the provision of leisure information

Aerial imagery is a crucial resource for The National Trust

Getmapping has provided high-resolution aerial imagery of the Trusts AOI’s for the past 6 years. Originally this data was provided offline on disc which the Trust's IT team then manually imported into their GIS (geographical information system). However, for the past 2 years, Getmapping has worked with The National Trust to provide broader geographical information in a faster and more efficient way.

The National Trust needs have evolved

Getmapping now provides a comprehensive range of aerial imagery and digital mapping data to The National Trust in a fast and efficient way:

Delivering more useful data

  • Multi layers of high-resolution aerial imagery including data from our initial nationwide capture in 1999 to our most up to date imagery which is updated via our rolling capture programme  
  • Digital mapping data to compliment our aerial imagery including OS OpenData and  OS 1:50K scale mapping

Streaming directly to end users

  • For the past 2 years, all aerial imagery and digital mapping data has been delivered directly to The National Trust via our superfast OGC Compliant WMS (Web Mapping Service) feed which is streamed straight into the Trust’s GIS platform – GeoCortex
  • End users across The National Trust can access data via the internal GIS Browser
  • In addition, end users at The National Trust now have instant access to the latest imagery
  • Imagery metadata (which contains the date of imagery capture) has since been added to the WMS data feed, enabling Trust staff to confidently confirm the data of capture and compare aerial imagery of locations over time

Instant access to aerial imagery has delivered resource efficiencies 

[object Object]Our Managed Data Service has greatly reduced the workload for The Trust’s IT resource as they no longer have to manage a manual data upload programme.  Whilst regional Trust staff have greatly benefitted from access to aerial imagery data, the central GIS team have also used the data for a number of projects, most recently to answer questions about car park ownership/capacity as part of a high profile Car Park project. Getmapping continues to work alongside The National Trust to further refine the delivery of valuable geospatial data as their requirements evolve and change.

 “Instant access to high quality Aerial Imagery and digital mapping via Getmapping’s WMS feed has been a real bonus for the National Trust.  It has delivered benefits across all areas of the Trust from central teams through to those involved in regional projects. Getmapping is always responsive to our data needs.”Ian Dawes, Conservation Information Manager, The National Trust

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