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Aerial Imagery Data Feeds: Grant Thorton

Grant Thornton UK LLP is a leading business adviser, providing research and analysis for economic, social and environmental change. Getmapping's aerial imagery is streamed into Grant Thornton's insight tools to enable virtual site visits and the creation of hybrid maps.

Grant Thornton’s Place Analytics is a research and analysis service that provides a geographical perspective on economic, social and environmental change and includes Place Insight, a suite of web-based interactive and analytic tools that:

  • Provide a range of applications for the analysis of the 4,500 or so economic, social, and environmental indicators
  • Is designed to help people, economies and market users achieve a better understanding of places
  • Contain the latest data, at different spatial levels, linked to an easy-to-use toolkit - and has a wide range of policy and research applications
  • Makes use of eye catching visuals, it is designed to bring data to life and tell a 'story-of-place'
  • Enable the creation of thematic maps based on economic, social and environmental indicators, plotted against a range of geographic boundaries such as Local Authority districts, facilitating meaningful interpretation and analysis
  • Provide users with Ordnance Survey base maps that are fully scalable, enabling views of the whole of Great Britain down to a street level

screen shots of the Place Insights tool
The mapping application enables the creation of hybrid maps

Aerial imagery enhances Grant Thorntons mapping tool

Grant Thornton wished to enhance their mapping tool to include Getmapping's nationwide high resolution aerial imagery.

  • Using the Getmapping API, the mapping suite in Grant Thornton’s Place Insights tool has been enhanced by integrating Getmapping’s scalable imagery layer
  • Users can now really ‘see the place’ of analysis from within the Place Insights tool, enabling ‘virtual site visits’ from their desks
  • The Place Insight mapping application now enables the creation of hybrid maps that combine OS maps, Getmapping imagery and its own thematic maps
  • The application also delivers the facility to display and interrogate the attributes of the point data, such as assets and infrastructure on top the maps

screen shot of aerial imagery map layer
High resolution aerial imagery is now in the tool

"Getmapping's product is ideal as it uses the same mapping projection as the underlying OS base mapping. The key benefit is to our clients, for example a national building company bidding for tenders, can make better informed planning and strategic decisions, with less need for site visits. The response to the inclusion of Getmapping imagery has been extremely positive and it has now been embedded as a core part of our platform."Stephen Edney, Senior Programmer, Grant Thornton UK LLP

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