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Business Innovation

Getmapping specialise in the advancement of geospatial technologies, notably Web Map Services, Cloud-based GIS, airborne and ground-based survey solutions, and business mapping processes. These technologies assist our customers in extracting answers and intelligence from geographic data.

  • Innovative solutions that generate cost savings and ROI for our customers. The most important aspect of our work is to produce geospatial solutions that our customers can use effectively and efficiently. Whether we're working on a cloud-based GIS solution or creating custom mapping, it's how the end user gains an advantage from using it that counts. This advantage may come in the form of a cost-saving, or it may be a quicker way to use a system; either way it has to have a long-term positive effect on their business.
  • New technology in new territories. We understand that local information is key to building the correct solution. Whatever part of the world we’re working in, we work closely with our regional companies to ensure that the solution is fit-for-purpose. Our Getmapping group companies include; Getmapping (UK), Geosense (South Africa), and Promap (South Africa).
  • Enhance products and services based on market and customer feedback. A key element of our work is sharing technology, experiences and knowledge between Getmapping group companies, their partners and their customers. By understanding the skills of all we work with, we're more able to quickly find the best solution for a customer.

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