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Why do I need a PSMA licence number to use Parish Online?

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You will need a PSMA Licence Number if your Town, Community or Parish Council wishes to use Parish Online. This is because Parish Online contains a complete range of high resolution Ordnance Survey mapping datasets that would normally be chargeable.

To sign up to the PSMA you need to contact Ordnance Survey and they will register your Council and assign a PSMA Licence Number which will look similar to this; 100012345.

Registering is easy, simply fill in the form on this page.

Once you have your number you can sign up to Parish Online and enter the number when prompted.

The PSMA stands for the 'Public Sector Mapping Agreement'. It licences all public bodies to legally use Ordnance Survey maps and address databases for their work. This includes bodies such as District, Borough and County Councils, the Police, the NHS, and, of course Town and Parish Councils. It was established by Central Government and is funded centrally, removing the need for each public body to pay for the mapping seperately. This means it is 'free at the point of use'.

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