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I'm having problems logging into Parish Online, what should I do?

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Most of the issues with logging into Parish Online are a result of outdated bookmarks, your browser saving old versions of Parish Online or inputting incorrect details. In most cases, loading the Parish Online webpage, pressing CTRL + F5 then logging in will work successfully.

Solution 1: Make sure you browser hasn't stored any old web pages for Parish Online. Go to then click CTRL + F5 together (Cmd (Apple) + Shift + R for Mac). This will reload the page directly from the Parish Online server and ignore any information saved on your browser. This will give you the correct login page to attempt your login.

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Solution 2: If you are receiving an error message saying "Your username or password is incorrect" then there are two possibilities; 1) you have misspelt your username or password, 2) your account is no longer active. If you are sure you have entered the information correctly then get in touch with the Parish Online team to request a password reminder.

Solution 3: Check that the bookmark you are using is correct. If you have saved a bookmark for Parish Online, make sure it is either or In most web browsers if you hover over the bookmark it will show you the URL it's using. If it's not one of the two specified then delete it and create a new one.

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