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How do I get information from my District or County Council into Parish Online?

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District and County Councils hold a range of definitive records for datasets such as street light ownership, highways assets, drainage and public rights of way. To get access to layers of mapping such as these, the GIS Officer at the Council needs to supply them to Getmapping so they can be included in Parish Online for all Local Councils within the Council boundary.

This process involves a simple few steps;

  1. Contact your District or County Council and ask to speak to the Corporate GIS/IT Officer.
  2. Explain that you use Parish Online (your cloud-based mapping system if they ask) and you'd like some additional layers of information.
  3. If they are happy to provide these then request that they send either a SHP (ESRI shapefile) or TAB (MapInfo table) for the whole District/County to
  4. The Parish Online team will then load the layers into Parish Online and they'll be visible in your account.

It's not always this simple and there may be a few hurdles, such as;

  • Are you a registered PSMA member? You should be able to quote your PSMA licence number.
  • Are Getmapping allowed to hold mapping that contains Ordnance Survey mapping? The answer is yes, Getmapping are a licenced OS Partner.
  • How often do you want updates of this data, I don't want you calling me every 5 minutes?! It depends on the information you're after, so ask the GIS Officer what update schedules they recommend. Some Councils provide daily updates, some provide 6 monthly. It depends on the resources of that Council.

To make this process easy for the GIS Officer, Getmapping can receive the data via email or FTP. A dedicated Secure FTP account can be created for this process if there will be regular updates.

Having access to additional layers from the District/County is extremely beneficial for Local Councils as access to more information leads to better decision making.

It's always great to see collaboration between different levels of Local Government, so if you gain an advantage from using these additional layers then it's worth sharing your experience with the District/County Council, they love a good news story!

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